WineUni – #2 iPhone app in AppStore

I must admit that creating, maintaining and promoting an iPhone app is not easy. Especially, if you work full time, want to stay fit and healthy, and study for WSET Diploma – it all takes time, and you end up with tiny bit of your time committed to your app. It’s even harder when your app is targeted at a niche market. That’s why it is so important to celebrate every success ?

And at the end of March WineUni had a huge success to celebrate. My app became the #2 paid app in AppStore New Zealand in the Food and Drink category, it also got to the top 10 in AppStore Poland and was in the top 50 in AppStore USA. This was epic and brought a lot of joy and satisfaction! ?

To date, WineUni has been bought over 1000 times, and the user base has been growing slowly every day. New features are planned and are being developed. Stay tuned for more news and next successes!

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